Sentiens was started in November of 2014 by two fresh-faced, gutsy, aspiring business owners. I was one of them. When my former business partner came for supper with the idea of beautifully designed yoga mats, the creative in me signed up without flinching. More than that, the entrepreneur in me knew that it was an unmissable opportunity to ‘go back to school’. The type of school where you learn on the fly. The hard way. Where you get taught, day in and day out, by the very business you’re trying to build; by the sector you’re in; by the product you’re creating; by the customer segments who your business serves. And what a wild and wonderful ride it’s been! A ride, which sadly, has come to an end.

Sentiens has existed at the intersection of my two greatest passions - design and business. Over the past four years, these have been uniquely enriched by my evolving relationship with, deepening knowledge of, and (hard-won) business experience in the yoga and wellness industries. In parallel with Sentiens, I’ve been running a yoga and wellness focused brand agency called Wellness Design Co. I have been working with other entrepreneurs in the yoga and wellness space to help them grow meaningful, distinctive brands. Wellness Design Co. is a natural extension of the design and business functions I’ve been doing for my own yoga business and it is incredibly rewarding to be able to share these with other entrepreneurs walking the same sort of path I have walked with Sentiens. With both of my businesses demanding increasingly more, the time has come to make a tough call and focus exclusively on one with undivided focus and energy.

I finish off the chapter with my beloved Sentiens with a richer education than I could have ever dreamt of receiving when I decided to ‘go back to school’. The mistakes have been plentiful, the challenges tough, the successes wildly exciting. Without a doubt, every ounce of learning has been worth all of the dizzying highs and all of the difficult lows. Learning made possible by every single customer and wholesaler who has bought a little piece of Sentiens. By every single supplier and service provider whose offering to Sentiens has formed the backbone of the business. By every single creative whose talent has helped me to tell the story of Sentiens, in photographs, video, design. By every friend and mentor who has offered criticism, advice, support, time and love during both the good and the tough times. I am indebted to every single person who has been part of this journey - thank you, so very much.

I’ve always had a strong sense that Sentiens would lead me to exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I’m most passionate about. So, while saying goodbye is sad, there is also a peaceful acceptance that evolution and growth in a new direction is also a wonderful, exciting and beautiful thing. 

With love,


p.s. If you’d like to get a last Sentiens yoga mat or towel, you’ll find them here with the lovely team at Tigerlilly.