Yoga looks different to different people.

Choose a mat that fits your individual practice perfectly.


The Hot Yoga Mat

The All-Round Mat

The Foam Yoga Mat

+ this mat is for you if:

  • you do hot yoga, Bikram or intensive exercises where you sweat
  • you need traction from your yoga mat when it is sweaty, keeping in mind that this mat offers grip once it becomes wet
  • you need an extra length mat
  • you have extremely sweaty hands and feet and find yourself slipping on a foam yoga mat
  • you don't want to practice with a bunching towel beneath you
  • you want the combination of a mat and towel in one
  • you're looking for extra visual guidance from our symmetrical designs

+ This mat is for you if:

  • you're looking for extra width and extra length that allows you more room to move freely
  • you need a multi-functional mat that you can use for a range of yoga and exercise varieties
  • you're looking for a simple geometric design to help align and guide your practice
  • you need a little extra cushioning
  • you want a mat that offers generous grip in both sweaty and non-sweaty yoga practices and exercise routines

+ This mat is for you if:

  • you're doing 'drier' styles of yoga like Hatha, Kundalini or Yin
  • you're happy to do sweatier yoga or intensive exercises using a towel, knowing that foam mats become slippery when wet
  • you're using the mat for more gentle styles of yoga, knowing that a foam mat of any variety will not stand up well over time to more 'aggressive' moves like jump backs, lunge jumps etc.
  • you are aware that foam mats of any variety are subject to wear and tear and will show signs of use over time
  • you prefer to practice or exercise with the softer cushioning of a foam mat under you
  • you need an extra length mat