At Sentiens, we live, love and work in pursuit of inspiration: the inspiration to find our freedom, find our breath, find our joy. For we are each our own universe and bring our own gifts, orbiting each other and the world around us in this wonderful dance called life. It is this dance that has lead us to create a brand centred around personal freedom, integrity and the courage to choose and participate in our own adventures, to share joy and connect with those we meet along the way, and to seek always to inspire and be inspired. Whether your freedom is at the top of a mountain, deep in a forest or deep in the pages of book. Whether you are standing on the crater of a steaming volcano or contemplating the fathomless mystery of life over a steaming cup of fresh coffee. Whether your unexplored jungle is some verdant paradise on the other side of the world, a labyrinth of roads you haven’t yet explored in your own city, or your own fertile and incalculable mind. The adventure is yours and it’s waiting. Our adventure at Sentiens is to inspire your wellness lifestyle, to encourage you to explore it and to help it along by creating products that inspire you to live as honestly, as courageously and with as much joy as you possibly can.