Commission our creative team to design your dream range of yoga mats or towels

We love nothing more than getting into the imaginations of our buyers and helping them articulate a beautiful, market appropriate range of yoga mats or towels.


What are the costs and LEAD-TIMEs?

The cost and lead-times of your collection depend on the complexity of your designs and how many you'd like. We'll take your brief and then provide you with a quote.


How do i share my ideas with your team?

We find it best for you to spend some time creating a Pinterest board that encapsulates the feeling, colours and design inspiration you'd like for us to follow in creating your yoga mat range.


is there a limit to colours?

Absolutely not. Our products are digitally printed which means that every colour in the crayon box is at your disposal when you brief our design team. Unicorns galloping across a rainbow galaxy? No problem!


How many designs can I have created?

The number of designs you'll need for your mat collection is dependant on which type of mat you're importing. Have a look at our minimum order quantities and design volumes here.


How does the design process work?

Once we've settled the nitty-gritties of a 50% deposit, we'll set about conceptualising your collection. We will provide three drafts of each design, allowing you an opportunity for your input on each draft.



Feel free to check out our Sentiens design catalogue if you'd like to double check that we know what we're doing. Keep in mind that we can design to any aesthetic and brief.